Why will power doesn't work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why will power doesn't work

Everyone told you that in order to get what you want in life you need to have a strong will, right?
But why sometimes will power never seem to work?
Why do we sometimes exert so much effort and get nothing??

One of the biggest pitfalls people fall in while trying to achieve a goal is the misuse of will power.

Will power misuse is the act of directing your will power in the wrong direction in a such a way that results in loss of energy without any achievements. The first question you must ask yourself if will power isn't working for you is "I am i putting my effort in the wrong direction?"

Suppose you were a very strong athlete and that you wanted to get out of a room but instead of turning the door's knob you started to push hard against the walls.

What will happen after sometime? You will feel that your will power betrayed you and you won't be able to get out of the room.

This is the same exact thing that happens when you try to force your way to change something that you don't like while moving in the incorrect direction.

Do this for will power to work for you

The emotions we experience when we are motivated never last forever but sooner or later they fade and that's why it doesn't make any sense to waste such precious emotions.

When you face a big problem that you are eager to solve before you take hasty actions that can waste your will power first try to understand the problem better.

Do you know what's the difference between an expert and an ordinary person? The ordinary person lacks knowledge and so he keeps trying to do things the wrong way until something works for him while the expert tackles the root cause of the problem in seconds.

The very important conclusion you must come up with now is that knowledge is the tool that can help you save your will power. The more you know the more likely you are going to know where to direct your will power and the faster you will solve your problems.

How to get will power to work

Here is a practical approach that you should follow if you found that will power doesn't work:

  1. Collect information: Read as much as you can about the problem and educate yourself
  2. Try implementing the solution: Try to implement a solution based on the information you collected and if it didn't work go to step 3
  3. Collect more information: Collect more information and come up with another solution
  4. Repeat: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until will power works for you

Will power doesn't work sometimes because people don't understand how to use it. If you used your will power properly according to the way described above then it will certainly work for you.

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