How to reach any goal in 5 steps

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to reach any goal in 5 steps

How to reach any goal in five steps?
Sounds like a very promising title and even unrealistic for some people, right?
In fact reaching anything you want in this life is not a matter of having special powers or certain type of genes but its all about following certain steps that will work if anybody applied them with disregard to his capabilities.

While its guaranteed that any person who will apply these 5 steps will reach any goal still some people don't manage to reach their goals because they don't apply them correctly.
Reaching any goal in 5 steps is possible provided that you understand these steps and apply them perfectly.

In this article i will tell you how to reach any goal in 5 steps.

The 5 steps to reach any goal

Below are the 5 steps that can help you reach any goal:

  • Step one, have a burning desire: Warren buffet, currently the second richest man in the world once said "if i didn't become a millionaire before the age of thirty i will throw myself off the tallest building in Omaha". In order to reach any goal you want you must first develop this burning desire. Finding out this burning desire and becoming aware of it is the first step towards reaching anything you want
  • Step two,Acquire knowledge and missing skills The second step to reach any goal you want is to find out the missing skills that you need in order to reach that goal and acquire them. Lets suppose that you wanted to become rich, in such a case you need to talk to all self made millionaires you know to get an idea about the skills and knowledge needed to collect money so that you can start acquiring them.
  • Step three, Fix your beliefs The third and most the important step to reach any goal you want is to fix your beliefs about success by understanding that success doesn't happen overnight, that the number of tries is the only factor that you need to put into consideration in order to succeed and that the two most important traits for reaching any goal you want are persistence and patience.
  • Step four, Adjust your actions: The fourth and the extremely important step in reaching any goal you want is to adjust your methods whenever you fail. Reaching any goal you want is all about trying enough number of times until something works but unless you find out what was wrong in the previous attempt you might keep doing the same mistake. That's why this step is crucial for reaching your goals. Each time you fail adjust your actions, fix what was wrong and try once again. (see How to be successful)
  • Step five, know what failure is and learn how to get past it: Since success is all about trial and error a fifth step is needed in order for you to be able to reach any goal you want. You must learn how to accept failure and how to keep going even if you are facing numerous rejections. Some people are qualified to succeed but they never manage to do it because they stop after few failures as they don't know how to handle them

Can these Five steps help you reach any goal?

Certainly these five steps will help you reach any goal. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that those five steps are the ones that differentiate between people who become successful and those who fail.

Failure doesn't mean that you are bad or inadequate but it just means that you didn't get a clear understanding of the dynamics of success. Those 5 steps explain how success happens and they can certainly help you reach any goal provided that you stick to them.

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