How limiting beliefs are created

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How limiting beliefs are created

How are limiting beliefs created?
In my article how limiting beliefs affect behavior i explained how limiting beliefs can negatively impact your life and change your reality to the worse.

Because of the dangers of limiting beliefs and because of the bad impact they have you must be aware of their creation process so that you can do your best to avoid them.

In this article i will tell you how limiting beliefs are created so that you can prevent them from invading your belief system.

The formation of limiting belief

The human mind is a curious device that can hardly relax while there is one missing element in an important equation. As soon as something of concern is introduced to us without enough information we tend to fill the gaps by creating new beliefs.

Sometimes the sole purpose of a limiting belief becomes protecting someone's ego and self worth. When a certain person fails to get what he wants in life his mind quickly creates a limiting belief such as "i am not lucky" in order to protect his ego and help him feel good about himself.

One of the main reasons limiting beliefs are created is the lack of knowledge. Early people used to think that thunder was a result of Zues's anger. They believed that Zues was standing high above and throwing thunder bolts using his own hands.

Usually limiting beliefs are created when a person has no sufficient knowledge about something yet insists on filling the gaps he finds.

How limiting beliefs about one's self are created

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that beliefs are created and strengthened by repetition. If a guy was continuously bullied by his friends at school he might create a limiting belief about his own worth by believing that he is less worthy than others.

Within a group of people continues repetition of a statement can result in creating a limiting belief too. Usually most people are uneducated and so they sustain the formation of collective false beliefs that become popular in their society.

How to prevent limiting beliefs from being created

First you need to be a master of your curiosity and to learn how to not fill any gaps without first acquiring sufficient knowledge. The second thing you must do is to learn how to educate yourself and to read about whatever concerns you so that you prevent limiting beliefs that result from lack of knowledge from being created.

As a result of group think it was found that whenever the majority agrees on something it turns out to be a limiting belief!! So Avoid crowds when trying to fill the gaps.

You should be mentally focused in order to notice the process of the creation of limiting beliefs as soon it starts so that you can repel those beliefs before they are formed.

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