How to reach your goals and dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to reach your goals and dreams

How can you reach your goals and dreams?
and why do some people reach their goals while others never do?

In one of my previous articles about success i said that the 2 ingredients required in order to reach your goals and dreams are patience and persistence.

But the question is, why do some people manage to stay persistent until they reach their goals and dreams while others stop trying?

Is there some kind of a missing ingredient that can help you become patient and persistent until the end? Yes that is true and in this post i will tell you how to reach your goals and dreams by understanding that one very important ingredient.

To reach your goals and dreams you must have faith

What's the difference between people who reach their goals and dreams and those who give up along the way? The only difference between the two groups is that the first one have faith in their ability to reach their goals.

Success is all about going through a rejection after a rejection until you find the right way that works. While trying to reach your goals and dreams you will face tons of negativity along the way that will certainly affect your faith in your abilities to realize them.

The stronger your faith the less likely will the negativity affect you and the more likely you will reach your goals and dreams.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that those who reach their goals and fulfill their dreams are the ones who have a strong belief in themselves even if everyone was opposing them.

How to develop faith to reach your goals and dreams

So if achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams is all about faith then how can you strengthen that faith so that you can keep going?

  • Swim against the current until it favors you: Lets suppose you are a sales man and that you didn't sell anything. Its quite normal to have a low faith at the beginning and because of that you must swim against the current by continuing even though you don't believe you will reach your goals and dreams. At a certain point when you start making few sales the faith will become higher, the current will favor you and you will find yourself motivated to fight for your goals and dreams.
  • Know about the stories of successful people: People who have already reached their goals and dreams can inspire you and elevate your faith. Meet them if possible or at least know their stories so that your faith becomes stronger
  • Know how success works: For a non educated person more than one failure could let him give up but for a person who knows that success is all about moving from one failure to another until success is found failure wont affect him. If you educated yourself about success your faith wont be affected by failures and you will certainly reach your goals and realize your dreams

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