How to accept failure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to accept failure

Learning how to accept failure is not about learning to feel good after failure then doing nothing but its all about learning how to stand up again after falling.

Do you know that 3M, one of the largest US companies now, was previously operating in the mining business and was barely bankrupt before it became today's 3M?

Why did 3M Gave up its mining business and completely changed its structure to manufacture other products like sandpaper?

The management of 3M believed that 3M will become a large company one day and the same for its employees who had to work for free sometimes to keep the company going. After its failure as a mining company 3M didn't stop doing business and instead it started doing something completely different.

The mining business died but the 3M company lived and succeeded later on. People of 3M succeeded because they understood one of the most important success concepts that most people are not aware of which is that products die but companies live.

Accepting failure happens when you understand success

You might be asking yourself what does this story has to do with accepting failure?
Just like companies survive and products die dreams survive and goals die. You don't have to achieve all the goals you have set and you don't have to succeed every time you try.

As long as your dreams are still there then you can manage to start all over and find something else to do. One of Johnson and Johnson directors once said, failure is our most important product.

This man understood the fact that if he kept testing different products he will eventually end up with some products that work. He understood that the company will survive even if some of its products failed.

The same goes for you, as long as you hold on to your dreams and as long as you keep trying you shouldn't care about failure because one day you will find the right way to reach your goals even if you had to change everything about your life (just like 3M changed its products).

How to achieve your dreams

Who doesn't know Kentucky fried chicken? most people know about Kentucky but a few of them know that the founder tried to sell his secret recipe to many shops who refused to buy it before he opened his first KFC store.

The man failed many times but he understood that his dreams are separate from his failures and that dreams are achieved by failing many times until the right method is found. You know the rest about KFC i don't have to say more.

So what about you?
Did you lose hope upon failing once?
Were you laid off or even fired then lost hope in success?
did you start a business then failed to make it successful?

even if you answered all the questions with yes still you will be successful if you understood the concept that this article is trying to deliver. As long as your dreams are intact then failure wont affect you but it will only be a message telling you that you have to try something else until you reach your dreams.

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