Why am i not successful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i not successful

Why am I not successful?

Does this question sound familiar? Even if you don’t ask yourself this question directly
You might experience moments where you compare your achievements to other people and become dissatisfied.

In my previous article how to become successful in life I pointed out that one of the most important factors that can help a person become successful is learning how to tolerate failure and move on.

In this article I will tell you about another very important key concept that can help you answer the question why am I not successful.

Persistence and success

I always workout in the gym and I have been doing that since more than 8 years. What I noticed during this period is that most amateurs who want to gain muscles experience periods of no muscle growth followed by periods of rapid growth.

The reason some people spend time in the gym without gaining any muscles is that they keep doing the exercises in a wrong way until a professional spots them by chance and directs them to the correct methods.

Those people come to the gym everyday, work hard and do the exercises in a wrong way then go home. Most of them quit after losing hope but very few continue to the end.

Those who continue start encountering people who give them the right directions until they master doing these exercises and eventually they become successful!!

Why were those people successful?

If i were to summarize the reasons that made those people become successful we would say:

  • They were persistent: They kept going to the gym everyday and never stopped even though they had no idea what to do
  • They were patient: Even though those people didn’t find the success they were after they kept doing their best. (see How to become patient)
  • They were tolerant to failure: After spending few months with no progress to be mentioned they didn’t lose hope in success and they kept trying

Becoming successful in life will be your fate if you followed the footsteps of those successful people.

Keep trying to reach your goals even if you found no results, one day you will encounter someone who will direct you to the right direction and you will become successful.

Now imagine that one of those people who used to go to the gym stopped going, how will he meet the ones who will direct him and how will he succeed?

A person might become successful from the first attempt but the majority won’t do it before they encounter many failures and that’s why persistence is one of the most important factors that can lead to success.

In my book how i did it i explained how 2knowmyself was rejected many times before it became a source of a monthly five digit income!! If you kept knocking the door someone will open it one day. You might try 100 different knocking methods that won’t work but as long as you keep trying one day the door will be opened and you will become successful.

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