Patience Redefined

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Man Down

The man was running confidently towards the roof of one of the near by buildings. When he arrived there he opened the black bag he was carrying and took out his sniper rifle.

In less than five minutes everything was in its place and he was aiming at the door of the shopping mall. For thirty minutes the man kept waiting without even moving a finger and when the right time came he pulled the trigger and took his target down.

For the first 30 minutes it seemed that the man was doing nothing while aiming his rifle except waiting but this was not the case at all. In these thirty minutes that man was visualizing himself shooting his target, he was adjusting his laser pointer and he was mentally preparing himself.

Patience and Waiting

Lots of people confuse patience with waiting. They think that patience is all about sitting down without doing anything about their problems and that’s why patience seems to be a very hard task for them.

Some people think that being patient is lying in their beds while being helpless and broken. I can’t blame you if this was your idea about patience because this is how most people think, however, since you are a 2knowmyself reader you are not like the most and even if you are after reading the articles you wont be like them.

So What is Patience?

Patience is controlling your emotions and the urge to react impulsively while fighting for what you want. For example:

  • For a job seeker patience is not feeling broken or helpless after receiving many rejection letters but Patience is waking up early each morning and visiting every known company until he finds a job. Patience is doing your best to find a job without feeling tired, bored or depressed.
  • For a student pertinence is not lying in bed and feeling overwhelmed because of the exams he has. Patience is not sitting there and doing nothing until his exam approaches but patience is studying hard while controlling his emotions.
  • For an entrepreneur patience is not sleeping in bed until the economic conditions improve but its working harder than ever without giving up or losing hope

Be patient

When I tell you be patient am not asking you to keep watching the clock until things improve but I am asking you to fight everything that stands in your way without losing your motive nor giving up.

The patience am talking about is not a state of helpless nor a state of hibernation but it’s a state of motivation, hard work and persistence.

Patience is not an action that you could take but it’s a state of mind. Patience is not waiting and watching the fire while it burns the trees around you but patience is walking through the fire without saying ouch. patience is forcing your way through your problems as fierce as you can but while controlling your emotions and your impulsive actions.

For the first few times holding yourself from feeling bad or controlling your emotions under pressure may seem to be hard. However the secret about becoming patient is training. Each time you force yourself to be patient the next time is going to be easier and so on.

After a few months you will become patient like you were never before only because of the training you did. So train yourself hard and consider each problem you face an opportunity for practicing your new skill, patience.

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