The Secret to success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Secret to success

I bet you have seen the movie the secret or at least heard of it. While the movie explained in a very exciting way how positive thoughts can affect ones mind and environment still it tried to prove that focusing the intention on something without doing any effort will lead to success.

In the movie the child thought about a certain bicycle, kept drawing it on papers and in the next morning he found that his dad has bought it for him.

Proving that theory false shouldn’t take more than few days. I want you to decide to lose weight by intention and to keep sleeping until you reach the ideal body you want, chances are, you will sleep forever and gain weight.

The secret to success doesn’t lie in focusing the intention on something or in day dreaming and waiting for the bicycle to arrive but instead there are other success secrets that few people know about.

What is the real secret to success

This world wasn’t designed for lazy people who want to close their eyes, dream about success then wake up the next day to find their dreams lying beside them in their bed.

This world favors the strong, the persistent, the resilient and those who believe in themselves.

The real secret to success lies in the following formula:

    Success is all about trial and error: The number one reason some people never succeed is not that they never try but its that they try few times then give up after failing. Ask any successful person how he did it and he will respond saying that he had to try various things until one of them worked. You are currently reading this article on a successful website that gets 500,000 monthly hits and that brings me a five digit income every month but do you know that I have made more than five other websites that never saw the light??? Success is all about trying and trying until something works
  • Believing in yourself is essential to success:Success will never happen before you keep trying until you reach the formula that works, but what on earth could motivate you to keep trying without losing hope? Its one thing, which is believing in yourself. Warren Buffet the famous billionaire once said "If I did not become a millionaire by the age of thirty I will throw myself off the highest building in Omaha". This is exactly the type of mentality that leads to success.
  • Passion is not a must but it’s a great asset: Lots of people claim that having a great passion for what you do is the secret to success, while I strongly agree that passion will certainly help people become successful still some people can succeed without having passion for their work. Passion will make the process of trial and error less disturbing and so the probability of continuing to the end will be higher than if you didn’t have passion

How many times have you failed?

Did you fail once, twice or even 10 times?
Congratulations you are getting close to discovering the secret to success. Keep trying more and more , keep fixing the mistakes that you do and you will soon reach success.

When you were a baby you fell tens of times before you learned how to walk. Isn’t that enough proof that success can’t be achieved without failure?

If I were asked to summarize this article in one line I would have said "The only difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is that the first group keep trying until they succeed while the second group give up earlier"

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