How to reach your goals

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to reach your goals

No no i am not going to tell you to write smart goals or to set dead lines but instead I am going to tell you why do some people really reach what they want and why do some people never manage to do that.

contrary to common beliefs most goals aren't reached because of doing something extraordinary but they are reached when those who are competing with you don't try hard enough!!

You reach a goal when others quit

Lets suppose that there was an amazing job offer that any man would dream of. Most probably all people in town would compete for that job to get the offer.

What usually happens is that, some people believe that they won't get it anyways and so they never try.

Another group of people will believe that they are not lucky enough to get the job and so they will never try as well. A third group of people will try once and when they fail they join the other two groups and believe that they have no chance.

the remaining people will try for few times and when they fail most of them will quit.
At the beginning 10,000 people were competing for the offer but now only few people are remaining.

Those few didn't reach that far because they tried very hard but because they stood their grounds when others were falling.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that most goals can be reached when you manage to keep trying even though you are failing. Sometimes you might reach a goal not because you did something extraordinary but because all of those who were competing with you gave up so early.

Its up to you to be among those who give up or those who reach their goals

If you really want to reach a goal then you must understand that its a game of tolerance.
You must be more patient than all of those who are competing with you.
you must be more resilient than all of those who are competing with you.

you must stand up right after you fall even if most people fail to do that.
you must put in mind that the more you stand your ground the less will be the competition as lots of people will fall along the way.

The most important thing is that you don't get me wrong and believe that waiting is the only thing you have to do in order to reach a goal.

While being resilient you must be eagerly fighting for what you want
you must be learning and reading to develop your missing skills.
and you must be doing your best when others are just falling.

If you did that you will certainly reach your goals.

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