How to get what you want

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get what you want

Certainly we all have lots of things that we desire badly and usually real happiness is experienced when we manage to get those things or even some of them.

But why most people never manage to get what they want out of life?
and is there a sure way to get what you want?
yes there is a way and the answer to this question lies in the question itself, specifically in the word "Want"

Do you really want what you want?

I can easily tell you whether you will reach that thing that you want or not after you tell me whether you really want it or not.

Let me explain further,
few years ago i wanted to have good body shape as a was very slim. I decided to go to the gym and exercise three days a week. I kept doing so for months and nothing happened. People used to make fun of me because of the time i waste in the gym without getting any results.

At this point i could have just stopped but i didn't because i wanted that thing.
later on i fell on my leg and had to put it in cast for a long period of time, But i still went to the gym, of course i didn't train my legs but i trained my upper body.

Does this sound mad? no, i just wanted that good body shape so badly to the extent that i didn't allow anything to stop me.

In the end, i reached that desired body and again that happened because i wanted it.

Do you want that thing badly?

Few years ago i had the dream of becoming a self made millionaire before the age of thirty.

I started a private business and it failed
I started another one then it failed
everyone warned me
everyone told me to stop
but i didn't
because i wanted to do that badly

i decided to put my money in the stock market and i lost 80% of that money after 2 years of learning. I felt so down and i was about to give up my goal but i didn't stop because i wanted to achieve it badly.

I started 6 websites, five of them failed and one of them made me a dot com millionaire at the age of 28. 2 months ago i was celebrating earning my first million because of my website 2knowmyself. (see my book how i did it)

Again, that happened because i badly wanted to do that.

Now its your turn to answer

do you really want what you want?
Do you now understand what the word want really means?

it means that you should have a burning desire for that thing that you want
It means that you become ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of reaching your goal
it means that you must tolerate failure, criticism, rejection and hard times
it means that you must never give up even if everything went against you

only then you will get what you want
most people never get what they want out of life because they day dream of the things they want but they never truly want them the way described in this article.

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