how to become a patient person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to become a patient person

Sometimes the best action you should take in order to deal with a tough situation is to do nothing!!

Usually problems don’t solve themselves when they are left alone but sometimes hasty actions make the problem become worse. That’s why patience should be the first thing you think of before applying your solutions.

Anyone can be become patient if he understood the importance of patience and that’s why in this article I am going to point out some of the useful things that could happen as a result of being patient.

Why should I be patient?

Whenever an unexpected situation happens new emotions are triggered. Under the effect of these emotions people usually take emotional decisions that they regret later.

While being under the control of a certain emotion you can hardly access all of your rationality or your wisdom and that’s why waiting until the emotions ease could let you make better decisions.

Your subconscious mind won’t always understand the full picture as soon as something happens. It needs some time in order to analyze the reasons and causes of this situation before it can give you an optimal solution.

That’s why sleeping on the decision or waiting for one day before you take any action could positively affect your decision making skills. The more you understand the problem the more you can take a better decision and this only happens when you wait for few hours or few days.

Sometimes you won’t have enough information in order to take a good decision. Usually waiting brings some more information. This new information can be very powerful and may help you figure out the correct action that should be taken.

Should I always be patient?

You should be patient whenever you are not forced to take the decision at the moment. Suppose that you decided to quit your job, you shouldn’t do it immediately but instead, write the resignation later and decide that you are going to hand it to your manager after a day or preferably a week.

During this week your subconscious mind will be analyzing everything and the picture will become clearer. This will help you to take a much better decision and if it turned out to be a wrong decision you wont regret it because it wasn't a hasty decision.

If you are unsure of the outcome of the action you intend to take then its better to wait. Patience usually doesn’t have any bad effects but hasty decisions and emotional ones can ruin everything.

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