inability to make a decision

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inability to make a decision

What causes the inability to make a decision?
Why would a person fail to make a decision even though he must make his mind quickly?

Indecision can slow down your progress in life and prevent you from taking advantage of many good opportunities you come across. Sometimes you will need to make a quick decision in order to reap certain advantages and the inability to make that decision can badly affect your life.

In this article i will tell you what causes the inability to make a decision and how you can get over this problem.

What causes the inability to make a decision?

Procrastination has always been linked with indecision. One of the reasons for the inability to make a decision is the presence of procrastination tendencies. The first thing you should do in order to become a fast decision maker is to Deal with procrastination if it was present.

Another reason for the inability to make a decision is the lack of information. Some people just remain still whenever they are faced with something that they don't understand. Without enough information making a decision can be impossible. If you want to become a fast decision maker then make sure that you collect all the information you can instead of just thinking about the ones you have.

If you can sleep on it then do it. The subconscious doesn't processes information right away but it needs some time to insert the new information within its mental framework. Waiting for a day or two before making a decision will certainly help you come up with a better one.

Parenting style and the inability to make a decision

If your inability to make a decision is chronic then there is a big possibility that its rooted back to your childhood. For example it was found that the authoritarian parenting style can raise children who are unable to make decisions for themselves.

Because the authoritarian parent is so controlling the child is always put under stress and thus learns how to avoid decisions instead of taking them quickly. (see How parents affect child development).

Even if this was the case you don't have to worry, the inability to make decisions can be dealt with if you managed to let go of your fears and successfully made few correct life decisions.

Self confidence and decision making

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that self confidence is built as a result of doing something successfully more than once. You shouldn't worry at all if you were afraid to take a decision as long as this worrying didn't prevent you from taking it.

As you keep taking decisions your fears will ease, your subconscious mind will start trusting you and your inability to make decisions will disappear.

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