Why do some people keep wasting time and how to stop this bad habit

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some people keep wasting time and how to stop this bad habit

Procrastination is the type of behavior that could let you wake up one day and realize that there no much of your life left and that you didn't achieve any of your goals!!

This would result in tremendous amount of guilt, shame, lack of self worth and of course depression.

Procrastination is a very serious matter and if you are a procrastinator i advice you to put tremendous amount of effort to get rid of it before its too late.

In this article i will tell you about some facts that would help you stop procrastinating.

Uncommon Facts about procrastination

Here are some of the important facts about procrastination that are unknown to most procrastinators:

  • Procrastination is learned not inherited: That's the good news, procrastination is a behavior that a person develops throughout his life (mostly his childhood) and so it can be changed.
  • Parenting style causes procrastination: That's not a solid fact but recent researchers have started proving that parenting style plays a big role in teaching children procrastination. Generally its believed that highly demanding and overly critical parents who are in the same time not warm teach their children indirectly how to become procrastinators. As the kids learn how to avoid the pain by avoiding the task they become procrastinators!!
  • Procrastinators lie to themselves: I work better under pressure, tomorrow i am going to be in a better mood or i will be more creative when the deadline approaches are all examples of self deception methods that the subconscious mind of a procrastinator uses in order to give excuse for procrastination.
  • Id rather be considered lazy than incompetent: Lots of procrastinators have an intense fear of failure and care much about the opinion of others, because they don't want to appear incompetent when they fail they prefer to be called procrastinators!!
  • The difference between procrastinators and achievers: Achievers are the ones who work while feeling bad, sad, down or even depressed and are not the ones who feel good all the time. In short the only way to stop procrastination is to start now even if you are feeling horrible.

How to end procrastination now

You wont find a list of advice in here because there is only one advice that can kill procrastination.

Start even if you are not feeling like starting
That's the only way to end procrastination today

Courage is another trait that is needed in combating procrastination because in many cases people fear to admit that they are wasting time on purpose. In other words to get over procrastination you need to be brave as well.

One of the common traits between all successful people is that they don't waste time and so if you are serious about success you should learn how to stop wasting time.

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