Always feeling guilty

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Always feeling guilty

I am sure that you are aware of the feelings of guilt that come when you do something that you didn’t want to do but do you know that you could be feeling guilty for your whole life for something that you are not even aware of??

Feelings of guilt arise as soon as you do something that violates your values. Your mind sends you such feelings in order to notify you that your values are in danger (see its calling you).

If you managed to respond to such messages by stopping such violation the guilt feelings will disappear. But what if you didn’t respond to the feelings of guilt for years even though your mind kept sending them over and over???

When guilt gets buried in your mind

Suppose that you had a bad habit that you wanted to break for years or suppose that you always wanted to come closer to God but you didn’t manage to then after few years of trying you decided that you won’t be able to do it and that there is no hope.

At this point your mind might not send you the same type of guilt that it used to send you when you used to do something bad but instead guilt is going to be buried in your mind in such a way that you are going to be living with it for your whole life without realizing that it’s there.

The bad emotions you feel at any moment of time are not simple and aren’t formed of just one component but instead they are formed of different emotions that are combined together.

Within the bad feelings you experience at any moment of time these feelings of accumulated guilt will also be there thus adding to your bad mood and making it worse.

You might be aware that guilt is one of the reasons you are feeling bad but you will experience an increase in the intensity of your bad emotions without understanding what's happening. (see How to improve my mood)

How to get over these feelings of guilt?

As long as you are ignoring those long term problems and as long as you are indifferent towards solving them your feelings of guilt will always be there. You might not be aware of them because they will always be hiding in between other emotions and they will be contributing to your bad mood.

The main reason your mind decided to bury these feelings is that you responded by saying "there is no hope" and that's why your mind found no way but to hide them from you. But unfortunately, your mind can only hide the feelings and not the effect that results from them.

Remember now one of the things that you always wanted to do in order to preserve your values but failed to do it and decide that starting from this second you aren’t going to give up and that you will keep trying until you do it.

After doing this the accumulated guilt will disappear leaving out less intense emotions that are much more easier to deal with.

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