How to improve my mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to improve my mood

We all know that Life is full of stressful and unpleasant events but what you may not be aware of is that many of these negative things that you encounter are no more than a result of your choice!!

How many times have you felt stressed yet kept working until you felt very tired?
How many times have you been feeling bad yet you continued doing the things that you hate?
How many times have you woke up late then felt guilty for it later??

Everyday we get the chance to make hundreds of decisions, and each decision has different consequences than the others, if you managed to make the right decisions throughout the day you will end up feeling less bad even if the amount of daily problems you face remained the same.

How to manage your mood

The following are things that you can do in order to improve your mood and avoid stressful life events:

  • Eat Well: Eating too much, eating too little or eating unhealthy food can have a dramatic impact on your mood. Some psychological disorders are no more than spasms in the stomach muscles, if the foods you ate generated similar spasms then your mind might be fooled into thinking that you are in a bad mood and within few moments the bad feelings will show up (see Eating to improve your mood)
  • Avoid stressful events as much as you can: Don’t drive in rush hours, don’t work while being stressed and don’t argue with anybody until you find yourself feeling better. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be nothing more than your mind's response to prolonged stress. Some people ignore the signals sent to them by their minds in the form of bad feelings and keep pressuring themselves until they end up feeling horrible. If you responded to the messages your mind is sending you in a timely manner you will never become depressed.
  • Avoid disturbing media: Avoid drama of all kinds, music that puts you down and pessimistic people especially when you are feeling bad. Some of us tend to choose to get exposed to such external influences while feeling bad and the result is exponential growth of the bad feelings
  • Avoid doing what you hate: Whether its traveling, meeting certain people or even a job, you must set up a plan that enables you to abandon doing all what you hate in the next few weeks else you will end up depressed
  • Avoid unnecessary tasks that make you feel bad: Are there unnecessary tasks that makes a person feel bad?? Yes, checking your mail every five seconds because of waiting for a reply from an employer is an example, just check it once in the morning every day and that’s enough. People who are waiting for important messages from their friends, their employers or their stock brokers usually chase the message hundreds of times a day and feel bad each time they don’t find it. If the message you are chasing or the reply you are waiting for is not urgent then never check it more than once a day.
  • Get exposed to sunlight: Getting exposed to sunlight for 30 minutes a day can reduce depression, regulate your mood and prevent you from feeling irritated because of the production of the hormone serotonin (see Hormones that make you happy)
  • Get adequate sleep: sleep deprivation or low quality sleeping can make you feel irritated for the whole day and you can get stressed in response to the slightest bad thing that happens. Make sure that you don’t only sleep adequately but also that you are getting quality sleep hours (see How to become an early riser
  • Watch your breath:Deep breathing that is sourced from the diaphragm and not the chest reduces stress, anger and can have a dramatic impact on your mood. Make sure that you are breathing from your stomach and not your chest.

Make the right choices

Hanging out instead of finishing the accumulated work might sound like a good idea but after doing it you will come home feeling guilty and this guilt will turn into a bad mood. Contrary to what people think of, we can control our moods to a great extent but we just need to learn how to control our instincts and how to make the right choices instead of just going with the flow then feeling bad later.

If 20 things make you feel bad everyday then at least 10 of them can be avoided by making the right choices, while only half of them would be unavoidable. Why add to your bad mood while you can help yourself improve it by making the right choices??

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