Tips for waking up early

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Waking up early

Whenever I read an article about waking up early I find advice such as keep the alarm out of your reach, get an alarm that has higher ringing volume or go to bed early.

While these are good advice and while they sometimes can be helpful still waking up early requires much deeper understanding of yourself than these simple tips that everyone knows. This article will tell you about the deeper reasons that could be preventing you from waking up early other than these simple superficial reasons.

Tips for waking up early

  • Do you want to wake up?: If you went to sleep depressed, disappointed or feeling horrible you wont be wanting to wake up the next morning. Those who are depressed might wake up late not because they need to sleep but because they don’t want to wake up and face the world. Adjusting your alarm clock, sleeping early or putting your alarm out of reach will never help you in such a case unless your mind accepts waking up early
  • Where are you going next morning?: when I used to be in school i used to have a real hard time waking up at 7:30. however, whenever there was a school trip that requires us to wake up at 6:00 am I used to jump out of bed!! The place you are going to plays a very important role in waking up early, if you hate your job, if you are bullied at school or if you hate your college then waking up early will require more serious actions than adjusting your alarm clock.
  • Do you really sleep?: Do you go to bed thinking about your work related problems, your upcoming exams or the problems you have with your friends? When you go to bed thinking about something else or when you take your worries with you in bed your sleeping quality is going to be very low and you will wake up feeling like a zombie even if you slept for 15 hours
  • Do you have fears?: Being afraid of the darkness, thinking negatively or thinking about ghosts while being in bed will result in staying half awake the whole night and as long as these thoughts are in your mind you will never be able to feel that you had a good sleep.
  • Wake up on fixed times: No matter when you sleep make sure that you wake up each day on the same time. For the first few days you will suffer a little but as the time passes you will find yourself waking up easily on that fixed time. On some days you might not even need an alarm clock to wake up
  • Reduce sleeping distractions: Remove electrical devices from your room, turn off the TV and make sure the room is dark so that you can sleep well. The better the quality of your sleep the easier will you wake up the next day

Final words about waking up early

Just as waking up early requires adjusting your alarm clock and going early to bed it also requires a deeper understanding of your self and your emotions. If you were traveling for a vacation next morning you will wake up without even needing an alarm clock simply because your inner biological clock will wake you up automatically.

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