Creative Thinking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking refers to the ability of solving problems using new ways and finding different methods of accomplishing your daily tasks . Creative thinking can also lead to new insights and to new visions which will result in achieving your goals and gaining more success.

I Am Not Creative

Lots of people may think that being creative is related to genes or that creative people are gifted but the truth is that we are all creative. Have you ever noticed a child playing?

A child can almost invent a new game out of any object he finds. I am sure that as a child you used to do the same. So if you think that you are not creative then something must have happened to you along the way. This is what we call routine.

Routine and creativity

As children we were all creative but the infinite instructions we received from our parents and the restrictions that were imposed on us in our schools helped in diminishing our creativity.

“Hey, you should not touch this, its hazardous”
“Where is your tie? You cant go to school without it”
“Don’t play there or your hands will become dirty”
“You will work from 9 to 5, everyday, and if you are late for five minutes then better not come”

Moreover, systematic jobs that require you to do the same exact tasks everyday reduce creativity. Strict time tables will do the same to your creativity. Working in closed areas or having a desk job will reduce your creativity too. These restrictions over time will transform you into a single minded person. No wonder why are not as creative as you used to be.

How to Become Creative

you are probably now saying to yourself that its impossible to avoid all of these restrictions. In order to restore your lost creativity you don’t have to avoid routine but you have to have some free time every now and then where you can become creative. For example, you should have one day per week that doesn't have of any kind of restrictions. Don’t put any plans for that day and just let it flow smoothly.

Spending time in open spaces can help you become more creative. Why not spend one day per week at the sea side? Pay visits to natural sights every now and then, This will definitely help you in restoring your creativity .

While working you should take a break and unplug your mind completely for few minutes . Some people spend a lot of free time alone but they never stop thinking about work!!

Some people even take work with them to bed. They just can’t stop thinking about what they are going to do tomorrow and the result is the deterioration of their creative abilities.

Left brain and right Brain

Your brain is divided into two main hemispheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The former is responsible for logic and reasoning while the latter is responsible for intuition and creativity.

One of the best things you can do to enhance your creativity is to train both hemispheres to work together. Some people focus on accomplishing tasks that train only their left brains so they end up with no creative abilities. For information on how to use both hemispheres together check out this article.

Creative Thinking

If you want to think of a creative solution for a problem then you must put into consideration the following points:

1-There is no exact solution to a problem, but there is definitely more than one solution to it .
2-False beliefs can limit creativity, for example if you are convinced that you will never find a solution to your problem then you will never find one.
3-Never put restrictions on your thoughts, even if a solution seemed silly or unacceptable just imagine that you have implemented it, this could lead you to a third solution that is both acceptable and logical
4-Break free from the routine at least while thinking for the solution
5-Brainstorming can be very helpful; two unacceptable ideas from your friends can lead you to a third acceptable idea.
6- every now and then do something that you have never done before
7- try to have some free time every now and then
8- sit with creative people,try and see how creative you are in comparison to those people.

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