Why do people procrastinate so much

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people procrastinate so much

Why do people procrastinate so much? Why do certain people seem to always delay their important tasks?

In the beginning when i was trying to understand procrastination i used to look at superficial reasons that everyone was talking about but later on i discovered that the causes of procrastination are deeper than hating the task or not being in the mood.

In this article i will explain the deeper causes behind procrastination and tell you why do people procrastinate so much.

The reason why people procrastinate so much

Procrastination in many cases is an attempt to protect the person's self worth. If the parents made the child feel worthless by not giving him enough attention or by abusing him he might start procrastinating to avoid testing his worth.

Each new task might provide a chance for the child to test his worth but because deep inside him he believes that he is worthless he starts procrastinating and delays the task to escape the test.

Another reason that makes people procrastinate so much is being raised by an Authoritarian parent who forces them to stick to certain rules without questioning them. Those children usually become indecisive and unable to take a decision without the presence of an authority figure.

In such a case those children procrastinate so much as a result of not knowing what to do or fearing to take the responsibility. Whenever a friend who seems authoritative tells those people about a new idea they believe him and start working on it but sooner or later they lose motivation and start procrastinating after discovering that this wasn't what they wanted.

Procrastinating so much can destroy your life

People who procrastinate so much keep jumping from a job to another, keep changing careers and never follow their long term goals if they have any.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be the result of accumulated guilt and regret. People who procrastinate so much usually end up feeling really guilty and so have a great chance of becoming depressed.

How to stop procrastinating so much

If you want to stop procrastinating then you should look for the deep reasons behind your procrastination in order to be able to work on a solution.

If for example you discovered that you were procrastinating so much because you fear to test your self worth then its time to fix your self confidence because that would be the only way to end your procrastination problem.

Time management tips, self help articles and motivational speeches will never help you
because all of them work on giving you a momentary push that will fade away without tackling the real root of your procrastination.

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