Negative motivation techniques

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The awakening

He was feeling so down
He didn’t know why this is happening to him
He knew he was really helpless and that he could do nothing about it

His back was curved, his head was down and a tear was slowly moving on his face but suddenly, he raised his head and said:

"am i crying?"
"They made me cry??"
“This is not me!!"
"I am not that weak!!"
"I can never let this happen to me"

And then he stood up with a different look on his face.

Why the tear drop motivated the Man?

The man was feeling down and bad and with every second that passed his mood was becoming worse however when a tear appeared on his face he was suddenly motivated!!

Human beings are either motivated by rewards or by pain avoidance, however sometimes our pain avoidance system never works before the pain reaches a certain threshold. (see Motivation styles).

Those who taught themselves to ignore their problems usually have slower response to pain avoidance than those who take quick actions. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i even explained how ignoring ones problems and pain can result in letting depression appear before giving time for motivation techniques to work.

If you managed to find a way to increase the pain until you trigger your motivation you will be able to stand up and fight back even if you were completely broken.

Negative motivation techniques

So, how to use negative motivation to motivate yourself?

Suppose that you were feeling so anxious right before a job interview. Visualize your self on your knees with tears on your face begging the interviewer to give you the job because you really need it and you will suddenly find yourself more confident and less anxious.

By visualizing a situation that triggers your negative motivation you will become stronger and more motivated.

If you found yourself depressed and crying then try to remember the best moments you had in your life then put both images beside each other and you will become motivated.

The main idea of negative motivation techniques is to use visualization to trigger your negative motivation energy, however, make negative motivation your last choice and never overuse it unless it’s the last option.

the reason you should be careful when using negative motivation is that too much negative visualization might result in programming your mind to act in that negative way you visualized.

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