Dealing with tough times

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A true story

“A mother saw a big tree that was about to fall on her little child, without thinking she ran towards the tree and carried it then threw it away. The child was saved and the mother realized later that the tree she carried weighted half a ton”

A True story

No this is not an article about adrenaline even though it was the chemical that gave the lady the power to lift this tree but its an article about how bad circumstances and poor living conditions can be an opportunity that can get you in touch with your real powers.

The strength that lies within

Up until I was 22 years old I never attempted to write anything with my left hand and I never thought that I would do it one day. During that time I fell and one bone in my right hand was broken and I had to put it in cast.

Exams were only few weeks ahead and I wasn’t allowed to take them later so I started to think of doing something that I have never done before which is training my left hand to write. I managed to use my left hand in writing to the extent that when I removed the cast I used to bring two pens and write the same phrase using both hands in the same time.

This story is not to show you that I am persistent but its to show you that inside each one of us lies tremendous powers that we rarely know about unless we face tough times.

Because humans are motivated by rewards and by avoiding pain we tend to avoid developing any new skill that gets us out of our comfort zone unless we really have to. If my right hand wasn’t broken I wouldn’t have never thought about using my left had. See motivation styles.

Dealing with tough times

The first lesson we should learn from of these stories is not to cry when tough times come or keep blaming our bad luck but we should look at these bad times as opportunities that can allow us to get to know our real powers.

The other lesson we should learn is that we must learn how to break through our comfort zones even at good times so that when tough times come we would be prepared. If I trained my left hand long ago before this event happened I wouldn’t have felt half the stress and anxiety I felt during that time.

This is not a positive thinking article and I am not asking you to think positively of tough times but I rather want you to be aware of the fact that your real powers can be summoned in tough times, so don't waste this opportunity.

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