Impossible is nothing

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I can’t do this

Sometimes we feel like we can’t do something that we want to do. Sometimes we think that doing a certain thing is very hard or almost impossible.

Depression is nothing more than loss of hope towards taking actions to solve a certain problem. Mainly depression happens when we start to believe that what we want is impossible.

But the question is, is it too optimistic to believe that the impossible is nothing? Or does being realistic mean that you should believe that there are lots of things that are impossible?

impossible is nothing

Todd is a very slim guy; while he was on his way back home three big guys appeared and bullied him.

Todd went home depressed because he believed that its impossible to beat them. Todd’s thoughts seemed realistic after all, how can he beat three guys that are least twice his size??

Yes its impossible for him to beat them this week, the next week or even in 2 month but if he started practicing martial arts today its going to be possible in six months or maybe a little more.

The moral of this story is to tell you that things appear impossible to us because we lack certain qualities and skills, once we acquire these skills and complete the requirements the impossible becomes possible.

It might be impossible to find a job in tough economic conditions but if you started developing your skills, learning more about your field and taking complementary courses then you will be able to find a job even if no other person did it.

Is there really something impossible?

Yes there are lots of impossible things, but only for those who believe that there is something called the impossible. As soon as you believe that something is impossible your beliefs will prevent you from acquiring the required skills and it will remain impossible for you while if you challenged this belief you will be able to do that thing after collecting the required skills.

The impossible is only present for those who believe in it. You will only see it when you believe it.

Depression and the belief system

Depression is like the HIV virus for the soul. Just like the HIV virus destroys the immune system depression destroys the person's emotional immune system by altering his beliefs. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how prolonged depression can result in changes in the belief system that further supports the presence of depression.

Impossible is nothing, life is unfair and i am not lucky are examples of the belief system modifications that happen to people under the effect of depression. Don't give up to these belief system changes and challenge them with all the power you have until you prove them wrong.

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