How to become optimistic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become optimistic

Joe has always suffered from low esteem. One day he found a book that promised to make him more confident if he kept repeating phrases such as “I am confident or I like myself”

Joe became enthusiastic, started repeating the statements over and over and his optimism increased. Joe was about to go down to meet some friends and he thought of it as an opportunity to test the effect of his optimistic affirmations.

As soon as Joe met his friends along with the new people that were with them he started becoming shaky. He then started to repeat the phrase "I am confident" in his mind but another inner voice replied saying "No you are not, if you are confident then why are you acting this way and why are afraid now?"

Why doesn’t positive affirmations work

In my previous article do affirmations really work I pointed out that research has proved that positive affirmations only result in making confident people feel good about themselves and less confident people feel bad.

Just as you saw in Joe’s story, you can’t force your mind to believe in a new fact unless you have a solid proof. You can’t just tell your subconscious mind that you are a confident person then expect it to believe you without proving it.

That’s why Joe’s mind replied telling him that he is not confident when he wasn't able to control his social phobia.

Optimism needs a proof too

Almost everyone who writes about personal development will ask you to be a positive thinker and to expect the best to happen but the same problem usually arises whenever someone tries to be a positive thinker, which is the lack of a solid proof.

Just try to tell yourself something like “I will do well In the exam” and you will find inner voices replying with phrases like “But you didn’t study well” or “no one did it before, why will you be able to do it”

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that positive thoughts require a proof too before your subconscious mind can believe in them. In short you can’t be a positive thinker unless you really have strong reasons to be positive so that your subconscious mind believes you.

So what if you have no proofs and what if life was bitter enough not to give you any hope? Don’t worry you only need to reassure your subconscious mind that you will get help and here comes one of the strong benefits of believing in God.

Believing in God can help you provide proofs for your subconscious mind. Without having a solid proof & without convincing your subconscious mind with the reasons of your optimism you will always find inner voices that questions your positive thinking.

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