Is there a God or Not?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is there really a God?

Is there really a God?
Lots of people try to answer this question by using philosophies and reasoning. While their arguments are usually good still philosophy can’t provide a solid proof for those who have doubts. I know what are you looking for, you want neither philosophy nor logic, you are looking for solid proofs and this article will give you some.

I am not going to tell you "look, there is a god am sure of it" nor I am going to tell you "how come that we were created without a creator" but instead I am going to give you solid evidence backed by scientific facts.

The Bombardier beetle

If you don’t believe in God's existence you will definitely experience hard times trying to figure out how such a creature came into existence. Unlike any ordinary beetle, the bombardier beetle stores two chemicals inside its body, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide.

It stores them in two different chambers inside its body. Whenever it senses danger it mixes the two chemicals together and the result is expelling a gas explosively so that it kills its opponents.

The linings of the chambers are cells that produce catalysts which helps the chemical reaction to happen even faster. So we have a beetle that understands that mixing two chemicals cause an explosion and so it stores both chemicals in different chambers until they are needed then it mixes them to fire some bombs!!

The beetle also knows that a certain catalyst is important for this reaction and so it uses it to speed up the process. Now the question is, isn’t that a clear sign of an intelligent design?

The Giraffe’s neck

Giraffes could have died of high blood pressure every time they bent down to drink water. However, there are one way valves in their necks that prevents the blood from flowing to the other side whenever they bend down. How come these valves came to existence? Its clear that the neck was designed that way not to kill the giraffe.

For those who Have the Grey Device

Let’s assume that we came here by coincidence. I can accept that males alone came by coincidence and I can accept that females alone came by coincidence but what coincidence can make the mating of the male & female bring a new offspring?

I can accept that man came by coincidence and that food came by coincidence but what coincidence gives the man a digestive system to digest the food and an excretion system that removes waste from that food!!

Let’s assume that man, food & digestive system came by coincidence, what coincidence can place teeth in the mouth so that the food is broken down into pieces before it enters the stomach?

In my book "I Saw God" i said that the existence of an element might happen by coincidence but what coincidence can result in a whole set of elements that form a complete system that functions together perfectly!!

Final Words

I am not asking you to believe in God right now but at least you should start your own search as soon as you can. There are hundreds of evidences around you that proves that God Exists, my advice is, stick to science because philosophy can be easily refuted.

For that particular belief depending on what you heard from your friends or relatives can be fatal, better seek your own answers.

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