How to live a better life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to live a better life

Life is full of problems and those who are really happy aren't the ones who don't have problems but they are the ones who know how to deal with them correctly.

All people want to live better lives but sometimes they cannot prevent sadness and misery from visiting them and that's why i decided to write an article that contains tips that can help them live a better life.

The different life areas and Living a better life

Each person has got certain major areas in his life that are important to him, if everything went good in all of his important life areas then this person would be extremely happy.

Most people have a mixture of messed up areas and ones that are going well. Depressed people are the ones who have big problems with their major life areas.

Now in order to live a better live you don't have to fix all your life areas but you just have to focus on one or two of them and put all the effort you can to make them great.

Lets suppose that the areas that are important you were health, career, love, social life and religion. If you managed to fix two of these major areas then your overall happiness levels will go higher and you will live a much better life.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how true happiness can be acquired by fixing your major life areas one by one and i also said that fixing one or two of these areas will improve your mood a lot.

Powerful areas ease the pain in other areas

If you were doing very well in your career then this won't make you the happiest person alive but it will certainly ease a lot of the pain you are getting from the other areas that have problems.

Think of a life area as a strong hold that you can hide in when other areas go wrong, few years ago i had many problems in some of my major life areas but because my social life at that point was going extremely well i almost didn't experience any pain!!

Now try to compare my situation at that time to a person who only has problematic areas and mediocre ones. This person will have no place to hide at when things go wrong and his life will be terrible.

Once you fix a certain area and improve your overall mood you can go on with the next one and do your best to improve it. If you managed to fix two out of your four important areas you wont only live a better life but you will become close to true happiness.

Fix all of your life areas and you will know what true happiness tastes like, that state can't be described using words, you will only know how it feels like when you experience it.

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