What causes happiness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What causes happiness?

What causes happiness? And what causes sadness?
This is not a philosophical article or an article that attempts to let you buy my own beliefs about happiness but it’s a one that explains why some people are happy and why some are not satisfied with their lives from a psychological point of view.

So what is real happiness? Is it being close to God? But what if a person doesn’t believe in God? (Personally I do believe in God because I have scientific proofs for God’s existence) but for a person who doesn’t believe in God this approach won’t work.

Is it having a lot of money? No, money can buy happiness for some people while for others it’s considered worthless pieces of paper.

In this article i will tell you what really causes happiness.

So what really causes happiness?

Happiness is the state you experience when you have all of your unmet needs satisfied.

Suppose that a man had no friends and no money. Every night he thinks about his loneliness and about his unpaid bills.

Now what if that man suddenly won the lottery and became rich, will he be happy? Of course not because he still has another very big unmet need which is loneliness. So the current cause for the unhappiness of that man was that unmet need he didn't manage to satisfy yet.

That’s why money can’t buy happiness for some people. Its because they have lots of other unmet needs that prevent them from experiencing real happiness after they get the money.

If the only unmet need you have is money then surely money will buy you happiness.

Why aren’t most of the people happy?

Unfortunately a large number of people are not even aware of their unmet needs but are only aware of the sadness they experience every day without understanding the reason behind it.

Another large number of people are aware of their unmet needs but they try to act as if they dont notice them. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how these people end up depressed after trying to deny their dreams and unmet needs.

A perfect example of those who escape are those who claim to be busy working most of the time because they have failed to achieve a good balance between social life and work. A man might fool himself by trying to convince himself that he doesn’t have friends because he is always busy working or because he is not interested in knowing new people while deep inside him he knows that the cause for his unhappiness is the lack of friends. (see Lying to yourself).

If you want to be happy then you must understand yourself, know your unmet needs then fight for them instead of escaping or denying these needs. Only then you can find true happiness.

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