Feeling bored all the time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Boredom is a message

Feelings are just messages sent to you by your brain in order to motivate you to take some kind of action. Those who understand the nature of feelings will successfully be able to get rid of any unwanted emotion while those who don’t get the idea behind them will remain haunted by the bad feelings. (see Emotions are messages).

Boredom is a message sent to you by your brain telling you that there are much more important things that you should be doing instead of what you are doing now.

Feeling bored all the time

Joe used to be very shy when he was a little child and so he never managed to have a good social life. Later on when he grew up and got rid of shyness he suddenly found himself interested in meeting new people.

Joe’s mind was trying to help him compensate for his past failures in establishing good relationships with people by motivating him to meet new ones.

When Joe used to spend a day at home watching TV he used to feel really bored but he never understood the reason. The truth was that his mind was sending him the boredom signals to tell him that he should be going after his unmet social needs instead of staying at home.

Now the important question you should ask yourself is: am i walking in the right path?
And am i doing the things that could help me satisfy my important needs?

Do you feel little connection between what you are doing right now and what you want to be?

Confusing boredom with indifference

So many people confuse boredom with indifference while the two are totally different. While boredom could be a message from your mind asking you to do something else indifference is connected to loss of hope.

When i talked about indifference before i said that this emotion happens when you lose faith in your plans or abilities.

In such a case you are not feeling bored but you are feeling indifferent because you believe that your efforts will not bring you any results. Being able to tell the difference between both emotions is crucial for success in life for each of them requires a different action plan.

Finding someone boring

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that If someone found you boring then this doesn’t mean that you are boring at all but it only means that you can’t help him satisfy his past unmet needs.

In my previous article why is he not interested in me I explained how a guy who was dumped by blonds when he was a teen can find all non blonds uninteresting.

This happens because the guy’s mind wants him to come in contact only with those who can help him get over his past failures.

If you feel bored all the time or if you experience boredom often then try to think of the the thing your mind wants you to do instead of what you are currently doing.

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