Why am I a loser

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am I a loser?

Why is everyone doing the things that I can’t do?
Why is everyone able to make friends, talk to strangers and be loved while I can’t?
Why are there people who reach what they want and why are there people who are like me?

Do you know why you are asking yourself these questions? Because deep inside your mind you believe that you are a loser.

Why are there losers?

The easiest way to limit someone’s potential is to not prevent him from trying but to convince him that even if he tried he will never succeed. Why do you think lots of people are suffering in this world? Why do think the majority are dissatisfied with their lives?

Simply this happens because those people believe that suffering is a normal part of life. When you believe that nothing can be done about the problems you are facing they will start to become part of your reality and you won't bother taking actions to solve them.

If you started to believe that you are a loser then being a loser will become a part of your psychological identity in such a way that when somebody calls you a loser you will say to yourself “Ok, what’s new”

If you are serious about living a better life then the first thing you must do is to stop acquiring self defeating beliefs such as “there is nothing that can be done about it” or “this is life”. If these beliefs were left unchanged no change will happen in your life whatsoever, after all if you believe that you were meant to be a loser then why bother read this article?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if being a loser became a part of your self concept then you will believe that you are a loser and in turn everyone around you will believe in it too. People learn the beliefs that you have about yourself from you then believe in them in turn.

When a confident person enters a room everyone thinks that he is confident simply because he believed in that before them. When someone believes that he is a loser he will act like a loser and his friends will have the same belief transferred to them.

Its as if you are a radio that broadcasts signals to all of those around you. Those people are passive and do nothing but acknowledge the signals. Whether the signal is "Loser Loser Loser" or "Confident, Confident, Confident" their answers are always going to be "You are right, you are right".

Why am I losing?

All humans beings lose sometimes even those you regard as winners but because you didn’t see them losing before you came to believe that they are invulnerable.

When you take a look at 2knowmsyelf now you will find it a website that gets more than 600,000 visits a month, that makes thousands of dollars/month and that is run by a very successful person who is only 29 years old. But if you met me 2 years ago you might have seen me feeling horrible because of all the rejections I was getting from everyone starting from Wikipedia up to my friends.

Was I a loser at that time? Maybe in the eyes of everyone I was a loser but deep inside me I knew that I am not,and this belief is what took me up until I made this a successful website. First i believed that i can deliver information that no else can provide and 2 years later millions of people had that same belief transferred to them.

Changing your beliefs is the first step that should be taken in order to stop losing but still there is an important question that you should ask yourself, “Why am I losing?”

If you asked yourself the question that way then congratulate yourself because this time you aren’t telling yourself that you are a loser but you are just wondering why are you continuously losing.

When thinking of it that way you are actually acknowledging that you can succeed and that you are just doing something wrong. When you ask yourself the question the other way around (why am I a loser?) then you are telling yourself that you are a loser and that you are feeling bad because nothing can be done about it.

In order to stop losing you must first believe that you are not a loser and then you should examine the reasons that make you lose, only then you will become a winner.

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