How to improve your self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to improve your self esteem

In some countries people eat frogs and in other countries frogs are considered really disgusting. Whether you eat frogs or not doesn't depend on their taste but it depends on where you were raised.

As children we form beliefs about the world we live in and then live according to these beliefs. We keep searching for evidence that proves our beliefs right and we discard evidence that proves our beliefs wrong even if these beliefs were destructive.

Self esteem or lack of it can be rooted to only one cause which is having incorrect beliefs about the world or about yourself.

If you believed that you are less worthy than people then your self esteem will be very low while if you were brought up to believe that you are a leader then your self esteem will be very high.

So how can self esteem be improved?

Just as i said, each one of us has got his own map of the world (his beliefs) and in most cases this map has nothing to do with the real world.

Those who lack self esteem believe that the world is unsafe and that they are not adequate enough to face it while those who have a high self esteem believe that they are capable of controlling their own world.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained that the first thing you must do in order to improve your self esteem is to avoid the sources that feed you with incorrect beliefs about the world.

Your friends, your society, The media and even your family will keep inserting beliefs in your mind about the world and about yourself.

If you didn't filter these beliefs very well then you are very likely to have a very low self esteem.

Why its really dangerous not to filter these beliefs

People talk about negative things more than they talk about positive ones or at least most of them do that.

If each person taught you how to fear the things that he fears then you will end up having a collection of different fears and insecurities in your mind.

The friend who fears approaching the other sex will teach you his fears
The friend who fears to succeed in life will give you his fears
and the friend who thinks that he is worthless will feed you with some of his beliefs

In order to improve your self esteem you must say no to these beliefs by filtering them and creating your own map of the world instead of using a one that is acquired from others.

Are frogs really disgusting? no, its all about your beliefs
and the same goes for self esteem, are you really worthy? its all about your beliefs too

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