How to analyze someone's personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to analyze someone's personality

How can you analyze someone's personality?
Is there some kind of formula that can help you understand people?
Some people say you can understand someone's personality based on his body language,facial features or even the way he walks.

While this is 100% true still analyzing someone's personality requires deeper knowledge about many other things other than the ones mentioned.

That's why i decided to tell you how to analyze someone's personality using a practical example that i will illustrate in this article.

Practical example for analyzing someone's personality

The first time i met (X) , not a real name for sure, was in the gym. We never talked but i noticed that the guy comes to the gym each day at the same exact time. Quite an unimportant detail for many people but for someone who knows more than little about analyzing personalities this detail can show a lot.

The guy was self motivated, not a procrastinator, strong willed, mentally organized and had a sense of time urgency. All of these traits became visible to me just because i noticed his punctuality.

One other thing was very noticeable about that guy, he used to wear clothes that revealed his muscles and he also used to do strange exercises that no one does. The guy was showy for sure and he was in need for attention. When collecting further information i found that he was an only child.

When analyzing someone's personality its very important to note how birth order affects personality. Only children are usually showered with attention when they are young and that's why they grow up trying to remain in the center of attention wherever they go.

The guy loved to wear black, he wore black all the time even though he used to change his clothes often. I also waited until he got out his mobile out of his pocket and found what i was expecting, his mobile phone along with the cover were black too.

When analyzing someone's personality you must understand that people go to one extreme when they are trying to escape from something. Coming to the gym and wearing black revealed that the guy wanted to appear tough, evil and dangerous. (a bad boy)

When i collected further information i found what i was expecting once again. When the guy was a little child he used to be bullied by other kids and that's why he felt weak. When he grew up he did his best to hide his past by appearing strong. going to the gym and wearing black were two actions that helped him escape from his past.

Another factor you must put in mind when analyzing someone's personality is that connecting the dots should always lead to a straight line. This means that if my assumption was true (that this guy wants to be powerful) then certainly we should expect to find that he is doing other actions that can help him become powerful other than the ones he is currently doing.

My guess was true, the guy was very interested in martial arts. Usually a person becomes interested in the thing that can help him move towards an important goal and away from an identity that he hates (being weak in this case)

More about analyzing someone's personality

Id be lying if i told you that one or even few articles can help you analyze someone's personality properly but the good news is that all the knowledge you need to analyze someone perfectly can be found on this site.

Read all articles about psychology, read the articles about personality analysis. Try to analyze your own personality first so that you can test your knowledge.

After you successfully do that move to the next close person and try to analyze him. When you find yourself able to analyze the personality of close people start applying what you learned on strangers.

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