Dreams and personality disorders

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

dreams and personality disorders

Is there any connection between dreams and personality disorders?
Can dreams be used to treat certain personality disorders?

Before i can answer these questions let me first give you few quick facts about dreams. There are many theories that attempt to explain dreams but the most common ones state that dreams are reflections of things that had already occurred in your life and that dreams are your subconscious mind's description of the events that took place in a coded format.

So what does dreams have to do with personality disorders?

In my previous article How to know someone personality I said that everything related to the person including his dreams can reveal parts of the big puzzle of his personality. This information obtained from the dream can certainly help people understand their personality disorders and treat them.

The connection between dreams and personality disorders

Because people have egos, because they lie to themselves and because they fear to talk about the things that are going on inside their minds it might be very hard to know the personality disorder someone is suffering from.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that even if the person is on his own still he can deceive himself in many popular ways just to feel good about himself while hiding the truth.

Now the good thing about dreams is that they reveal these personality disorders in a coded format that the dreamer himself doesn't understand. This makes it easy for the dreamer to talk about his dream and thus a chance is created for anyone who wants to help him.

For example a person who suffers from intense guilt might see a recurring dream where he dies or gets punished. Without the dream it was going to be hard to find out that personality disorder.

Even if you are reading this article to help yourself still you can get close to your personality disorders by learning how to interpret dreams the right way.

Why dreams can help us discover personality disorders

Dream's have many purposes and one of them is altering the dreamer of a problem that needs to be solved. Personality disorders create unpleasant emotions and because of that the subconscious mind sends certain dreams to the person in order to notify him about this psychological imbalance.

The conclusion is that paying close attention to dreams can certainly give you a better insight on personality disorders and can help you get rid of them.

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