Why do people show up in your dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people show up in your dreams

I always get messages from people who ask me about the interpretation of the dreams they saw and one of the things that i always find common between all of those people is that they somehow got incorrect understanding of dream interpretation.

Just like body language, dream interpretation is one of the most incorrectly understood areas in life because of the false information present about them everywhere.

People write articles based on their own beliefs, assumptions and incorrect conclusions then try to convince others that this is how dream interpretation should be like.

If you want to know why do people show up in your dreams then forget about what you have read about dream interpretation and read this article.

Symbols and dreams

Your subconscious mind uses dreams as a way of communicating with your conscious mind. If a certain situation happened to you in the morning that you couldn't deal with in a good way then you might find this situation showing up in your dream but in a different way.

For example if you didn't manage to do anything when your boss shouted at you then you might see a friend in your dream shouting at you while you are remaining silent.

So why did your friend show up in your dream instead of your boss? Simply because the subconscious mind uses symbols instead of direct messages.

Do you know what does this mean? it means that when people show up in your dreams it doesn't usually mean that your mind is referring to those people in particular but it means that your mind might be trying to refer to other ones who have something in common. (see How to have good dreams).

So how can figure out the meaning of a dream?

You must compare your dream to the latest important events that happened to you and then you must try to find a connection between them.

If you had a big fight with a friend then seeing yourself in a dream refusing to talk to your daughter could be your mind's way of representing that situation.

The next time someone shows up in your dream think twice before concluding that this dream is by any means related to that specific person because he might just be one of the symbols your subconscious mind decided to use.

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