How to change my behaviour in my dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Controlling your dreams while sleeping

This is not an article about lucid dreaming, which is a technique that can help you to consciously control a dream but instead this article will give you some insight on how you can change reoccurring dreams that bother you.

What if you always see people bully you in your dreams?
What if you always see ghosts and strange things chasing you in your dreams?
What if you always feel afraid in your dreams?

This article will tell you how to get rid of these reoccurring events completely by changing the way you behave inside your dream.

The Nature of Dreams

Dreams are your subconscious mind's thoughts. When you become asleep your conscious mind becomes dormant and your subconscious mind becomes alert. This alertness makes your subconscious mind think and this thinking process happens in terms of symbols which results in dreams.

If you were worried about something then you may see it in your dream but in anther form, for example seeing a dog running after you instead of seeing that your exams are approaching. Now why do we sometimes do the same reoccurring behaviour in our dreams?

How to change my behaviour in my dreams?

The reason this happens is because the behaviour happens in your real world too. Suppose that you always feel anxious before new events in your life, Your subconscious mind will then become convinced that you can hardly deal with change and so on your next dream whenever a new event happens you will find yourself feelings anxious.

The more fear you will experience in your life the more fear you will see in your dreams. The more helplessness you feel when facing a new problem in your life the more likely you are to be helpless in a dream. The more people bully you in the real world the more you will be bullied in your dreams.

All of this happens because your subconscious mind has formed an impression of your personality and this impression is what becomes responsible for your behaviour inside your dreams.

If you want to change this behaviour then you must convince your subconscious mind that you became a different person or that you are a different person. Fortunately I have written another article that describes in detail how you can convince your subconscious mind to believe in something.

If you succeeded in convincing your subconscious mind to believe in something then expect it to be seen in your future dreams and expect your behaviour in your dreams to change accordingly.

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