Reading body language

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reading body language

2knowmyself is, without doubt, the only complete source for body language information on the whole internet. One of the main reasons i show up on television channels every week is that i was recognized to be a body language expert.

Body language is one of the simplest skills you can learn yet one of the most powerful tools in terms of effectiveness. I usually read people’s emotions few seconds after I encounter them, this gives me a deep understanding of the emotional state those people are experiencing without even talking to them.

Learning how to read body language

Learning how to read body language involves being aware of the different gestures people take unconsciously and their corresponding meaning. Lets suppose you knew that clasping the hands in front of the stomach is a sign of confidence, once you see someone taking that gesture you can easily know that he is feeling confident.

Not all emotional states can be determined by a simple gesture but some emotional states can only be determined through clusters of gestures. For example to read a liar’s body language you need to find 3 to 5 signs before you can make sure that a person is lying.

Below is a list of all the known gestures along with their detailed explanations and pictures. After you go through the below links reading body language will be a simple task.

Body language and the Brain

Many people mistakenly believe that people's body language will differ from a country to another. While culture certainly affects the way people move and interact with each other still there are some built in universal code that applies to all humans.

When you experience certain emotions the brain will force your body to move in a certain way and as a result no matter where you come from people will be able to guess your emotions if they knew how to read body language.

While your culture can affect your conscious behavior (or the things you do while being conscious) your subconscious mind will always be the one moving your body and as a result you will react the same way when you experience certain emotions even if you were from a different country.

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