Body language: In state of boredom

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reading body language: boredom

In body language when someone feels bored he usually doesn't keep the eye contact with the person he is talking to and he may start searching for anything around him to play with as shown in the picture below.

Another body language gesture that shows boredom is moving the foot up and down repeatedly in a nervous manner.

If you were talking to someone and suddenly found him doing any of these body language gestures then try to change the subject or to add more humor because the person got bored.

Yawning and boredom

Many people connect yawning with boredom and this is correct in some cases but not all of them. Sometimes people yawn because they are bored, not interested or not that excited while in other times people yawn because of other reasons.

For example, people can yawn when they receive too much information without having time to process it, when they are tired or when they are sleepy.

Its also important to note that even if a person yawned out of boredom still this doesn't mean that you are a boring person.

Sometimes a person gets bored of the topic without being bored of the person or sometimes the person yawns because of expecting no new surprises from the person he already knows.

In short, if someone yawned while talking to you then don't feel bad!

Boredom vs the number gestures

If a person took one of these gestures then this doesn't mean that he is bored. You have to wait until:

1) He does the gesture more than once or for sometime
2) He does more than one gesture to indicate the presence of boredom

When you put in mind these few tips you will get much more accurate results using body language.

boredom Vs attractiveness

While a person might get bored while talking to you another one might become attracted to you upon changing few things in your body language. Very slight changes to your body language can have a big effect on your relationships with people.

In my book, How to make someone fall in love with you i described how a simple gesture such as keeping your back straight can make you appear more attractive. Since a straight back will make you appear more confident people will find you more attractive as soon as you take this simple gesture.

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