Body Language: In state of evaluation or thinking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Body Language & Thinking

When you start evaluating something or thinking about it then most probably you will find yourself doing the gesture shown in the picture below.

The good thing about this gesture is that it can only happen when a person is thinking and that's why you can judge his emotional state with a high accuracy.

If you saw someone doing the following gesture then be 100% sure that he is evaluating something or thinking about it.

Using this body language gesture in communication

If you were trying to convince someone to believe in something or if you were presenting your ideas to someone and then you found him taking that gesture then know that he reached a point where he started evaluating your words.

In a negotiation you can consider this a positive sign because after all if your logic made sense to the person then he will accept what you say.

Clear body language signs

Some body language signs have only one meaning and this makes it easy for you to recognize them. The state of thinking, just as you saw, is represented by a single gesture.

Some other emotional states are more complex and as a result you will require more than one sign before you can make sure of their pretense. For example knowing whether someone likes you or not is one of the situations where you will need to find more than one sign (not less than 3 under any circumstances).

When you practice body language more you will come to differentiate between the two types of emotional states, the one that can be known from one gesture and the one that requires more than one gesture, and as a result the accuracy of your readings will increase.

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