Body Language: In state of confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reading body language: in state of confidence

The state of confidence is one of the easiest states to recognize in body language. The following body language gestures shows that the person feels self confident:

  • Hands behind the back: When you see someone standing with his hands behind his back, as shown in the picture below, then know that he is probably feeling confident. He may be feeling confident because he is a confident person or because he believes he’s on top of matters in a current situation. Maybe the people he’s talking with are talking about a topic he’s well-familiar with. For example if people started talking about unemployment then someone took that body language gesture then make sure that he has a good job
  • Hands in front of stomach: There is another gesture that you can use to identity a confident person which is clasping the hands in front of the stomach (not shown in pictures). This one is more popular and is usually seen on television when a president,a minister or a government official is standing. (You will rarely see a president or a minister crossing his arms on television).
  • Finger tips touching : A third gesture that shows confidence is when finger tips touch each other (see the picture below). A person will make this gesture when he feels confident about the topic he is talking about or when he believes he knows much about the topic he is listening to
  • Superiority position: The third picture shows the superiority position; the person takes this posture when he feels superior or overconfident. That's why its called the state of over confidence or superiority. For example, when someone finishes a hard task or completes an exam quickly you may find him taking the superiority posture..

More body language confidence gestures

  • A confident person stands upright
  • He stands with both his legs firmly planted on the ground and rarely crosses them.
  • He walks with wide steps because he is not afraid to encounter new situations. This may sound far from logic but its how the subconscious mind thinks.
  • He doesn't panic when he makes mistakes because he knows that making mistakes is a normal part of the human nature

Body language of Confidence and attractiveness

Your confident body language postures can make you appear more attractive. Almost 93% of the impression people form of you is based on your body language. If you managed to use proper body language then you will alter the impression people form of you to a great extent.

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