Dream interpretation tips

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dream interpretation tips

Lots of websites incorrectly claim that each symbol seen in a dream has a certain meaning but the correct fact is that for each person there are different meanings to the universal symbols.

For example when I dream of the sea it might represent home since I live near by it but for someone who lives in the desert seeing the sea might mean something completely different.

Here is another example, if a guy who knows how to ride bicycles professionally and another guy who fears them saw themselves riding a bicycle in their dreams then both dreams will have completely different meanings.

Symbols are not real

If you saw yourself killing your sister then jumping out of the window then this doesn’t mean that you want to kill your sister or that you want to commit suicide simply because we only see decoded symbols in dreams and not real objects.

Few days ago a friend of mine told me that one of her relatives is treating her badly and I did my best to comfort her. Before I went to sleep I watched the advertisement for the new transformers movie then slept.

I saw three transformers from the same family and one of them was treating the girl badly so that she cried. Then I saw the third transformer trying to help the crying girl.

Its crystal clear that i saw myself, the girl and her relatives in the form of transformers.

What you see before you sleep might be the code for the dream

The images, situations and things that you come across before you sleep or even few days before you have a certain dream might be the symbols you see in the dream.

If you saw yourself fighting with your close friend while this didn’t happen in real life then the friend you saw might only be a symbol that represents someone else.

Dreams tell the past or the present but not the future

Another very common myth about dreams is that people think that they can reveal the future. While this might happen in rare cases still in most cases dreams either represent old suppressed emotions or concerns about an ongoing situation and not the future.

How many times have you seen yourself dying, killing someone or drowning in a dream? Did any of these things happen? Of course they didn’t because these were just symbols referring to something that already happened.

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