The meaning of dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The meaning of dreams

In my previous article what dreams really are i explained how dreams can be an expression of the desires we want to fulfill, the reflection of our fears or our current emotional states or even a suggested solution (by our minds) to a problem that is bothering us.

One of the most common misconceptions about dreams is believing that symbols have universal meanings while in fact the meaning of a symbol differs from a person to another based on his own beliefs, values and life experiences.

When a person who hates orange juice sees it in a dream then the dream will certainly have a completely different meaning than if a person who loves orange juice saw it in another dream.

So how can you understand the meaning of a dream? provided that symbols have different meanings?

How to understand the meaning of your dream

The first thing you need to do in order to understand the meaning of a dream is to connect the symbols you saw in your dream with your own life.

Do you fear dogs? then seeing a dog could be a simple representation of your fears.
If you were too afraid to move to another job then you might see yourself locked in a room with a dog outside guarding it. The room in this case represents your current job and the dog guarding it represents your fears.

But with the unlimited number of symbols your brain uses in a dream it might be hard to relate the symbol to something in real life right? no actually, your mind will usually give you a hint that will help you decode the puzzle in a dream. (see Dream interpretation tips).

For example, you might see one of your friends who has black hair having yellow hair in the dream. This yellow hair could be the key to solving the puzzle your mind provided you with.

For a certain reason most people who appear in dreams can be symbols that represent other people and in the previous case your friend might have just been a symbol for another real blond friend you have. (see Why do people show up in your dreams)

The meaning of more than one dream

Sometimes a dream is decoded difficulty or lacks enough details to the extent that it becomes very hard to interpret it.

However the beauty about dreams is that you can use more than one of them to reach the final message your subconscious mind is trying to send to you.

In one dream you might see yourself running from something evil.
In another dream you might see yourself afraid of jumping to another side of a cliff.
By connecting them both together you can easily conclude that your fears are chasing you and that you are too scared to take an important step in your life.

Dreams are like puzzles that can be interpreted when your interpretation becomes perfectly aligned with your real life and your previous dreams provided that they are related.

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