Psychology of showing off

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychology of showing off

In my previous article Why do people show off i explained the psychology of showing off and pointed out many of the reasons that make people become showy such as feeling that they are unnoticed, thinking that people look down on them and wanting to get more attention in order to feel worthy.

As i read more about the psychology of showing off i discovered that all of those reasons might be caused by something that happened earlier in the life of the person and that assisted in developing his desire to show off.

In this article i will tell you about childhood experiences that can bring a showy adult to life.

Understanding the psychology of showing off

According to psychology adults are no different than children when it comes to the desires they have. The only difference between the two is that adults find more rational ways to fulfill their childhood desires.

A showy little kid might jump on a chair in order to show his parent how brilliant he is. When that child grows up he wont jump on a chair because that's socially unacceptable but instead he will find another acceptable way to express his desire for showing off.

According to psychology, people develop desires earlier in their lives then work on fulfilling these desires in different ways as they grow up.

The psychology of a showy child

So what makes a child become showy?? Here are some possible factors:

  • Being the only child: The only child finds himself the center of attention as soon as he is born and when he grows up he does his best to maintain that attention he was always used to. There is a very big possibility that only children become showy adults
  • Being the youngest child: When the youngest child is born he usually takes all the attention of his parents and in order for him to maintain this attention he learns how to become a showy person

So its pretty clear that the psychology of showing off can be rooted to early childhood. If you are a parent its extreemly important that you educate yourself about these factors so that you raise a mentally healthy child.

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