Type a personality quiz

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Type a personality quiz

Type A personality is very easy to identify and even though a person can easily know if he is a type A personality without a quiz still i will tell you about a simple quiz that can let you know in seconds whether you are a Type A personality or not.

One thing you must understand about such a quiz and similar personality quizzes is that even though they can tell you about your personality type still they wont cover all of the other aspects of your personality.

For example the quiz might tell you that you are a type A personality but this doesn't mean that you don't have many other personality traits that are not related to the type A personality. If you understood this fact well then you can proceed to the type A personality quiz below.

Type a personality quiz questions

Here is the Type a personality quiz, if you answered all the following simple questions with "yes" then certainly you are a type A personality.

1) Do you have extreme sense of time urgency? Do you always keep looking at your watch? are you always conscious about time??

2) Is your schedule full of different activities? Are you always busy?

3) Do you always feel stressed as a result of trying to compete with time?

4) Are you an over achiever?

5) Are you very competitive?

6) Do you feel guilty when you waste time?

7) Do you feel very irritated when you wake up late?

8) Do you have problems with teamwork when other people are slow?

9) Do you complete your important tasks before most people?

10)Do slow people annoy you and make you nervous?

11)Do you hardly take a day off?

12)Do you rarely take breaks while working?

If you answered most of previous quiz questions with yes then certainly you are a Type A personality and you don't need any further quizzes.

Quiz results: The type A personality

A type a personality is brave a person who found himself suffering from certain insecurities and as a result decided to fight back by racing with time and achieving his goals as fast as he can.

In my article stressed and pressured because of the sense of time urgency they have.

Final words about personality quizzes

If the personality quiz you took wasn't designed by a professional then you might incorrectly understand yourself and think that you have a different personality than your real one.

Many people come to me thinking that they have certain personality disorders while in fact they suffer from nothing but believing in the false results of some quizzes they read online.

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