Finger ratios and personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Finger reading

This is not a palmistry or fortune telling article but it’s an article that outlines how a researcher discovered that you can know some personality traits of people by assessing the length of their fingers!!!

Just like face reading can reveal a lot about someone's personality, your fingers can also tell some information about your hormone levels. Since hormone levels can provide some insight on your behavior your fingers can tell us some information about your personality.

Finger ratio

Generally, men have a ring finger that is longer than their index finger. This is because of the hormone testosterone which affects the development of the fingers. In women both fingers are usually of the same length or one of them may be a little longer than the other.

If you found a woman having a ring finger that is longer than the index finger then she might be a bit aggressive.

Men who have a very long ring finger compared to the index finger have higher levels of testosterone and so they may be more aggressive than other men who have ordinary ratios. (see why are some people always angry)

It was also found that people who have long ring fingers excel at math and tasks involving dealing with numbers while those having longer index fingers excel at language and literature.

Another study revealed that men with feminine finger rations (similar length of ring and index fingers) are more subject to depression.

What’s next?

Whenever I come across similar findings I start to wonder, how many things can reveal information about our personalities?

The music that we listen to, the clothes that we choose, our face features, our body language, our handwriting and even our fingers can reveal lots of information about our personalities!!!

The more you educate yourself about these things the more will you be able to understand yourself and others. Luckily, the below links can guide you to all of these topics that I just mentioned.

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