How music affects the brain, mood and mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How music affects the brain, mood and mind

In my previous article the psychological effect of music I explained how the music you listen to can make sudden changes to your mood as a result of reminding you of certain events in your past.

If you listened to a piece of good music that reminded you of a time you were feeling great then most probably you will experience a mood lift while listening to it and vice versa.

This is the short term effect we all experience when we listen to music but do you know that the music you listen to can have a long term effect on your mind and brain structure?

How music can change the way you think and affect your brain

All babies are born with no information about the world they came to. As they grow up they start to form different beliefs about life by acquiring information through their different senses.

The reason why some people grow up to become self motivated while others turn into self criticizing people are the beliefs each of these groups form about life. (see Impossible is nothing).

On the long term, the messages in the music we listen to are accumulated in our brains and they then change our beliefs about life to the extent that they start to affect the way we function in this world.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how the continues listening to sad music that explains how horrible breakups are can shape people’s beliefs about breakups and make them suffer 10 times more than those who don't listen to such music.

So music doesn’t affect your brain directly but it affects your beliefs and then your beliefs affect the way you see the world and how you react to life events.

You are what you listen to

You aren’t just what you eat but you are also what you listen to. If you prefer to listen to motivating songs and if you kept doing this for a long period of time then most likely you will become much more self motivated than someone who doesn’t listen to motivating music (provided that all other factors are constant, see The psychological effect of motivating music).

Keep listening to songs that describe how horrible life is and how unfair this world is and you will end up with a beaten up, defeated and helpless personality.

Music can affect your mood, mind and brain structure. Its time to develop self discipline to control what you listen to and to prevent false beliefs from coming to your mind from external sources.

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