what your car says about your personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What your car says about your personality

What can a car say about the personality of the driver?
Ask any person why did he buy a certain car and he will give you a logical and rational explanation such as i loved its specifications or i like the brand, now ask the same person the same question in a place where nobody can see him and he will give you a completely different answer (or the real reason that made him buy the car).

Cars like any other thing that belongs to a person can say a great deal about the personality of its owner provided that you look deeply at the reasons that made him buy it.

People buy things to satisfy their emotional needs then claim that they bought them for different reasons.

Why would someone buy a 200,000$ car if his only need was transportation?
Just like the music that you listen to, your clothing style and your body language says a lot about your personality your car type can say a lot about your personality too.

In this article i will tell you what your car says about your personality.

The connection between your car and your personality

  • Personality of 4x4 drivers/truck drivers: People who drive a 4x4 don't want to get past you but they want to get over you!! The clear message they want to send when driving this car is get out of my way or else i will crush you. Provided that all other factors are constant those people are more aggressive and competitive than others
  • Personality of drivers of Sedan drivers: People who drive a sedan are balanced and practical people. However when the car bought is of an expensive brand Such as a BMW or Mercedes then this shows that this person is obsessed with status and showing off. That person would want to be perceived to be of a higher social class. Now what if the inside of the car is disorganized with lots of papers and bottles lying everywhere while its clean from the outside, This again shows that the person is showy and only cares about showing off in front of others and not about his personal comfort
  • Personality of drivers of Mini cars: Those people are not showy (unless the mini car is very expensive (a mini cooper for example) and they are also practical. Some people who buy mini cars do that to reduce fuel consumption. Those people also need nurturing and are sometimes sensitive.
  • Personality of drivers of Sports Cars: Those people are risk takers and showy. They want to let everybody notice them and believe that they are successful. If the driver of a sports car was an old person then this shows that the person is attached to youth and that he is afraid to grow up or maybe that he is suffering from mid life crisis

Final points about car type and personality

A car can certainly say a lot about the personality of its owner but before you judge someone based on his car you must make sure that he bought his car because he likes it and not because of financial limitations. After all lots of people would love to drive a completely different car other than the one they are currently driving.

Put in mind that the car color is another factor that must be taken into consideration while assessing someone's personality (see what your Car color says about your personality).

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