The psychology of music

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychology of music

Why would someone prefer to listen to a certain song at a certain time?
and why would the same person find another song more interesting at another time?

I have wrote many articles before about music's effect on people's mood and explained in them some of the basic foundations of music psychology.

In this article i will continue talking about music psychology by providing more details on the resonance concept.

I need support even from music!!

In my article the The psychology of music i explained how people prefer to listen to music that represents their current emotional state. For example a happy person might prefer to listen to trance or music with fast beat and not to slow music.

But why is that?
We all find it annoying when people go against our beliefs and we all find a great relief when someone supports us when everyone else goes against us.

How would it feel like if four people went against your arguments and then one person started defending you eagerly and repeated your same exact beliefs?

Won't that make you happy? if course it will and you would want more support from that person.

People sometimes listen to music for the same exact reason, which is finding support from the singer who repeats their own beliefs over and over when they feel that most people are against them.

If someone was badly hurt by some of his friends then he might find support in the words of a song that talks about the betrayal of close friends.

Music makes our beliefs stronger

In my article Subconscious mind programming i explained how beliefs are reinforced by repetition.

For example if you believe that life is unfair and then you decided to listen to a song that repeats the same belief then most probably you will strengthen that belief and make it more solid.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said how some people never manage to recover from breakups because of the false beliefs they feed themselves with about relationships through the songs they listen too.

That's another reason you should be very careful when choosing the songs you listen to. You should do your best to avoid developing a false belief about life then strengthening it using a song!

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