Why life is not fair

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why life is not fair

Few days ago investors marched towards the stock exchange and protested in order to force the head of the Cairo and Alexandria stock exchange to quit his job.

The people were eager to see the guy leaving because they have lost a lot of money recently as a result of a severe correction in the stock market.

This is not the first time investors protest, it happens every time the stock market falls and the only common thing between these protests is that usually the head of the stock market has nothing to do with the price drops (but for some reason people never get it)

Most of the people who protest are uneducated people who don't quite understand the fluctuations of the stock market. Those people blamed the drop in the stock market to the unfairness of the government and the unfairness of life.

Is life really unfair?

So is life really unfair?

back to the stock market story. The reason the stock market dropped was because of the international crises happening in the world because of Greece's recent dept problem.

Whenever some people face a problem that they don't understand they start to blame others for their problems and if they found no one to blame they blame the unfairness of life.

After all it takes quite a less effort to act as a victim and to wait for your savior instead of taking control and assuming responsibility.

If those investors were to admit that they weren't following international news and weren't even aware that international problems affect the local market they would have hurt their Egos.

That's why they chose to believe that life is unfair and that they are victims of the cruelty of fate.

Life is fair yours isn't

If you want your life to be fair to you then you have to make it fair
no one will make it fair for you
no one will save you if acted like a victim or cried out for help
Only you can save you

Life might not reward you on the short term but with enough persistence you will be able to get what you want out of life as the time passes.

few years ago i lost most of my savings in the stock market. I could have said that life is unfair and then waited for a savior to make it fair for me but i didn't, i started this website and sold over 600,000 Worth of books and services in few years (almost triple the amount i lost in the stock market, see my book How i did it)

Now my life is fair not because i cried for help but because i forced it to be fair to me by hard work, patience, persistence, prayer and commitment.

Life won't be fair to you if all you do is wishing and day dreaming
life will only be fair when you make it fair by force

the next time you find that life is unfair don't protest or blame others but instead admit that you are in control and that you can do better to make it fair.

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