I am a Victim of Life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am a Victim

Life doesn't always go in the direction we want it to. In difficult times you might find yourself asking questions like "Why me?" or "What did I do to deserve this?"

These questions are an indication of the presence of the "Victim Mentality".

Stop Acting Like A Victim

In times of crisis many people feel helpless, broken and desperate. They start to think that they are victims or unlucky because of what they have been through.

Certainly being in such a situation can be unbearable to most people. But do do you know why are you feeling bad? The main reason you are feeling bad is that when you started to think like a victim you actually killed any hope you have without noticing.

Think about it for a second, believing that you are a victim is like admitting that your current situation can never be changed!!

Certainly everyone has problems and finds himself in an unfavorable condition from one time to another but by acting like a victim you will kill any chance available for improvement.

Such situations are in fact gifts that can allow you to reach your true strength and to show yourself how powerful you are. Consider such situations opportunities that life gives you rather than problems that can't be solved.

Words might be easier than actions i know but don't worry, the following are set of actions that will help you get out of your problems quickly and stop acting like a victim:

  • Unlimited Energy: Do you know why you pull your hand away when you accidentally touch a hot object? its because you don't want to get burned. This type of energy that motivated you to pull your hand is similar to the energy you get when bad things happen to you. The key to getting out of your problems is to direct your energy to the right direction by using these negative emotions to motivate yourself. People who don't channel these emotions correctly think of themselves as victims and even end up with depression.
  • Anger: Anger is another form of energy that can be utilized to your benefit. Anger can either be wasted or used as an immense driving force that enables you to accomplish many things you thought you couldn't possibly do. Anger is an opportunity, so instead of feeling like a victim direct your anger towards solving your problems
  • Save your Energy: Although this emotional energy is tremendous still it's only a temporary burst. A week later you might forget all about your difficult problem as a result of loss of motivation. The best thing you can do in order to "save" this energy is to write a plan the moment you experience these intense emotions. This plan can be something similar to “I will never let life beat me down again” , “I promise to get all what I want ” or “I will double my efforts”. This will ensure that even if you lost your energy you still came out with a plan that can help you later on

Live like a Warrior rather than a Victim

You only have two choices in your life, either to live like a winner if you managed to get what you want or to live like a warrior (if you're still fighting for what you want).

Whenever you feel like a victim think of it the other way round. Say:
“ I'm still standing and fighting for what I want” rather than saying “I am a victim of life”.

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