Walking style and personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Power of Psychology

The Clothes that you wear, the way you walk, your face features, your body language, your tone of voice, Your doodles,your hobbies and the music that you prefer can reveal a lot about your personality.

After studying psychology for years I discovered how easily you can know people’s personalities if you educated yourself well.

Everything that is related to a person reveals parts of his personality and by gaining a little knowledge about some psychology related topics you will be able to use the same eyes that you have always used but you will see what you have never seen before.

Walking style and personality

The way you walk doesn’t only reflect some of your personality traits but it also reflects your current mood. If you were feeling happy then most probably you are going to have an energetic walk where your walking speed becomes faster.

When people feel confident and courageous they walk with wide steps and they tend to bypass their friends who are walking with them due to their higher speed.

Some people exert heavy pressure while stepping on earth, not because they have a heavy body but because of persistence!! Persistent people tend to walk with heavy foot steps that exerts high pressure on whatever they are stepping upon. Although persistence is good still this walking style could be an indication of lack of flexibility.

Some people walk slowly dragging their feet behind them as if they have no energy to move. The lack of energy is usually associated with sad feelings or depression but it could also reflect fear or uncertainty about what is lying ahead.

A Cat walk is usually an indication that the person is showy, in other words the message he is sending is “Look at me!!”. The same goes for guys who move as if they are models in a fashion show.

Walking with your hands in your pocket may be an indication that you are not satisfied with your body image or with your current clothes.

If your head was up while walking then this could mean that you are experiencing a good mood while pointing your head downwards while walking could mean that you are feeling bad.

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