Car color and personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Car color and personality

After studying psychology for years i came to realize that everything that belongs to a person or that is related to him directly or indirectly tells a lot about his personality.

Our gadgets, clothes, cars and all our belongings are extensions to our personalities, unmet needs and patterns of thinking.

In this article i will tell you about the relation between your car color and your personality.

What a car color says about your personality

Here is what your car color says about your personality:

  • Black Cars: A black is preferred by empowered people who can't be easily manipulated and who are mysterious (a part of their personality might be hidden). Some researches say that black car owners are aggressive but i prefer to call them competitive. Other researches say that owners of black cars have the highest accident rates
  • Dark blue cars: Owners of dark blue cars are loyal, calm and practical. They drive carefully and are much more cautious than owners of black cars.
  • Red Cars: Owners of red cars are energetic, they drive fast and are considered showy people who want to get people's attention.
  • Purple cars: People is a weird choice and usually a person who drives a purple car is unique, is a person who doesn't care at all about the way others see him and is a person who wants to tell you that he is one of a kind
  • White cars: The white color reflects innocence and purity in general but when it comes to cars its believed that its the choice of status seeking extroverts
  • Green cars: The green car is the choice of the calm personality. Some people believe that those who care about the environment drive green cars
  • Yellow cars: Yellow car drivers have optimistic personalities
  • Silver cars: Those drivers have calm and cool personalities and they are very less likely to engage in car accidents

Everything you own is an extension to your personality

The music that you prefer, your mobile phone, the clothes that you wear and everything that you own is an extension to your personality.

If you want to know a lot about people's personalities at your first encounter then learn how to look at their belongings using this new point of view.

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