Self image and the media

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self image and the media

Believe it or not, millions of people have a poor self image and think that they are not attractive just because of the beliefs the media broadcasts. A research has found that a man tends to find his wife less attractive right after watching an episode of Charlies Angels.

Just like you can’t taste the sugar in a juice right after eating a big sugary dessert you can't see how attractive your wife is after watching super models.

This state of comparison is one of the main reasons people start to develop self image issues because this time they don't compare the celebrities to their wives but they compare them to themselves!!

Where does the high standards come from!!

Those people you see in the movies have genes that are rarely found among humans. The people who look like media heroes might not even exceed 1% of the population yet people base their beauty standards upon these heroes!!

Another really horrible thing that movie makers do is that they always make the bad guy look less attractive than the Good guy. As you keep watching television you will tend to believe that attractive people are Good and unattractive people are bad!!

The result of all of this mess are millions of people who think that they are unattractive even though some of them are really attractive!! (see Am i pretty or ugly).

In The Solid Self confidence program I explained how lots of people don't like their looks not because they are ugly but because they have a distorted perception of reality!! Those people undergo plastic surgery yet still find themselves not satisfied with their looks not because the surgery wasn't successful but because they changed their physical image and left their mental image unchanged!!

How to break free from this system

It was found that lots of those who have a poor self image believe that they are much less attractive than they truly are. This means that the first step in believing that you are attractive is to discover your real beauty potential.

Stop comparing yourself to celebrities because they are the exception not the rule!! The media has made the focus on physical attraction unavoidable but don’t make the problem worse by buying all the ideas they are selling. (see How to stop comparing yourself to others).

You can feel attractive but you first need to be realistic.

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