Poor body image causes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

poor body image causes

Poor body image is one of the most common causes for lack of self confidence. Even thought it might appear that a few number of people suffer from a poor body image, the truth is that a very large percentage of sufferers hide their feelings and so the statistics we have never provides an accurate representation of the truth.

If you are not satisfied with your body shape and if this dissatisfaction is preventing you from socializing or being confident around people then you have a poor body image.

Do you think that your body looks good?
Are you happy with the shape of your nose?
What about your skin color?
Do you feel Good when you look at the mirror?

In this article I will explain the causes for poor body image and tell you how to overcome the obsessive thoughts that accompany it.

What causes poor body image?

One or more of these factors will likely be the cause of the poor body image problem:

  • Criticism: If you were constantly criticized or if your friends always made fun of one of your face features (bad looking nose, very slim, large ears...etc) then you may develop a poor body image. In this case your perception of your body will change and you won’t see how it truly looks even when you look at the mirror but You will only see a reflection of their criticism!!
  • Incorrect evidence: This is not only one of the most common causes for poor body image but its one of the main reason people develop low self esteem. A very large percentage of people keep collecting false evidence based on the conclusions they make and the result is feeling undesired, neglected and unworthy (for example when someone doesn’t say hi you assume that he doesn’t like you or that she only speaks to handsome guys)
  • The media: The media usually multiplies the effect of the poor body image problem if its already present. Hundreds of researches showed that women feel bad about their body shape right after viewing an ad showing a thin model. The extreme beauty standards the media is imposing on women has deteriorated the self esteem of many of them (see Poor body image and the media).

How to deal with the poor body image problem?

  • Learn body language: When you discover that lots of people are sending you attraction signals and that many people like your looks you will start to feel at ease around them. This is completely possible through body language, just make sure you read about The body language of flirting and The state of interest in body language
  • Challenge the false evidence: Why did you assume that she didn’t say hi because you are not in shape? What proof do you have? Is it really the truth or is it just your mind finding false evidence to support the false ideas you have about your looks? (see my article How to challenge false beliefs ).
  • Make a change: If you don’t like your large belly then psychology wont help you before you do some changes to your life style. The "Love yourself" school can only help you if you have done your homework but if you don’t exercise, eat healthy food and never take care of your body then all the self help techniques in the world won’t help you. Self help is not about lying lazy and thinking positively but its about changing whatever can be changed and accepting the rest (see The truth about positive thinking). If you are serious about weight loss then check my book The ultimate guide to weight loss
  • Barbie would die of poor nutrition: A research has been made to find out how would a woman who had the body of the famous doll Barbie be like, it was found that she would have suffered from serious disease and would have died as a result of poor nutrition. The media is feeding you with impossible standards so that you keep buying beauty products!!

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